Polar PWND
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Pengu beware: it's a war, a BEAR war! And it's guaranteed to be a blast...

  Play Polar PWND Games! Polar PWND Games is a very fun game!
How To Play:
The object of the game is to get your polar bear to knock into all of the penguins. To do so, click on ramps, bombs, and mines from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen and place them in the playing field. Once you've placed an item, you can use the arrow, circle arrows, or X to move, rotate, or remove it. When you're ready, click the polar bear that says Go! When the action is done, click the same polar bear, who now says Stop! If you've hit all the penguins, you're ready to move on to the next level. Otherwise, try again! Tips: You can scroll the screen with your mouse. For more instructions and tips, click & hold on bubbles that say to do so.
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